Prof. Günther Knipp, forming artist
born July 17th, 1935, Frankenstein, Germany
lives and works in Aachen and Munich

Günther Knipp passed away in october 2019.

Artistic education

1955 - 1961 University for The Forming Arts, Hamburg
with classes held by Theo Garve and Emil Schumacher

Artistic teaching experience

1979 - 2000
Professor for graphic formation and color formation apprenticeship
at the Aachen Art College (department of design)

Advisory Professor for room and wall, color and wall
at the Southwest Jiaotong University, Cheng-Du, VR China

Artistic workfield

Drawing, painting, collage, room and wall formation, photography

Prizes (among the others)

1971 Award forming arts, Bavaria

1972 Prize of Rome, Villa Massimo

1975 Art Prize of Boetcherstraße, Bremen